DCMO5 v11 : Thomson MO5 emulator

DCMO5 v11 is a Thomson MO5 emulator, created by Daniel Coulom (mail to danielcoulom at gmail dot com).
DCMO5 website is dcmo5.free.fr.



DCMO5 v11 emulates :

DCMO5 does not emulates :

DCMO5 user interface comes with two languages : English and French.

Technical tips

DCMO5 is a 'free software'.



DCMO5 should run on every PC with a Pentium II or better processor, with an audio adapter, a decent video adapter, running Windows or Linux 1998 or newer release. It also runs on other platforms. The list of compatible systems will be added here, depending on the users feedback.

Tested with : linux win32            To be tested with : macos macosx amigaos beos freebsd irix netbsd openbsd qnx solaris riscos wince and more...

All platforms

win32 Windows

Dcmo5.exe executable file comes with dcmo5. It doesn't need to be compiled. Just double-click the dcmo5.exe filename to run dcmo5. A shortcut may be added to the Desktop or to the Task Bar. Please note : SDL and SDL_ttf libraries must be installed. SDL.dll and SDL_ttf.dll files may be stored in dcmo5 folder, or in any other folder searched for executable programs, ie c:/windows/system32.

linux Linux

After SDL and SDL_ttf development library installation, compile dcmo5 with the makefile coming with the distribution. Open a terminal in dcmo5 folder and execute a 'make' command.

macos Mac-OS

To be continued...


User Guide

Start dcmo5 with the suitable command, depending on your operating system. With Windows, for instance, you can double-click dcmo5.exe filename or use a shortcut.

Emulator commands

All emulator commands are done through menu bar at the top of the program main window.


MO5 commands

Look at 'Guide du MO5' (in French), at dcmoto Documentation page.

guide mo5

MO5 game and program commands

Download user guides at dcmoto Programmes page.